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I pledge to educate myself and others about
"U CAN DO IT - 8 signs of Cancer" and extend my support to fight cancer.

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Unusual bleeding or discharge

If you find blood in urine, stool, cough, vomit, or bleeding in between periods.

Change in bowel and bladder habits

If you have diarrhea or constipation without any specific reason, bloating, feeling of heaviness even after going to toilet, pain in stomach and anus

Asore that does not heal

If you notice a sore that is not reducing instead becomes big, painful, and develops ulcer.

Nagging cough and hoarseness

If you are experiencing cough for more than 3 weeks, chest pain, shortness of breath, or hoarseness (change in voice).

Decrease in weight

If you have lost appetite and more than 10 pounds of weight in very short span but there is no significant change in diet, exercise, or stress.

Obvious change in mole or wart

If you notice any changes in mole or wart color, increase in size to more than 7mm with irregular boundaries, itching, or bleeding

Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

If you are experiencing feeling of fullness even with little food, or uncomfortable pressure on throat and chest

Thickening or lump

If you happen to notice a thickening or lump; or a sudden increase in the size of a lump in any part of the body.


“YOU CAN DO IT” is a campaign to spread awareness about early signs of cancer which goes unnoticed in most cases. The campaign is a tribute to my late father Mr. N. Govindaraju, a retired officer from Indian Air Force. He was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer of the larynx, and succumbed to the disease after two long years of battling it. Even though, there were signs and symptoms of the disease, it took eight months for the diagnosis, owing to the lack of awareness. Those eight months would not have been lost and my father could have been saved, if we had been more aware of the warning signs of cancer.

I want people around you and me to be more aware of what can be an early sign of cancer, so that it’s not too late for a loved one.

G.Vishwanand , CEO InfocusRx


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